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hearing protection - bradberry - 02-04-2015

Electronic muffs or electronic plugs? Pros and cons? I am looking to spend no more than 80 to 90.

RE: hearing protection - fromtheplaines - 02-04-2015

I find that ear muffs mess with my cheek weld. So I opt for plugs. There was a conversation about this on another forum. And the best results was going to your ear dr and getting them made for you. I don't know the price but if you call a doc they may be able to help

RE: hearing protection - AcilletaM - 02-04-2015

I can't use ear plugs so that limits me to the muffs. I received the Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff for Christmas and really like them. I usually shoot indoors and prefer to hear the people around me - it makes me more comfortable when I don't hear "keep it pointed down range" over and over again.

Pros -
  • Low profile so less issue with cheek weld for long guns
  • Standard size batteries that aren't hard to change
  • Connection for a radio

Cons -
  • No visual indicator/LED so I can tell if they are still on or not by looking at them. There is an 4 hour auto shut-off so it won't totally drain your batteries but still it is 4 hours left on in your range bag if you forget to turn them off. That said, the switch is solid and probably won't get turned on accidentally.

RE: hearing protection - Fireman - 02-05-2015

I use ear muffs. But if I were to use plugs I would use the Radians for able ones..

RE: hearing protection - mikereddot - 02-14-2015

These are awesome. These are all I use now.