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Best Camouflage Pattern?
07-25-2014, 08:30 PM,
Best Camouflage Pattern?
What you guys consider the best Camouflage Patterns for SHTF around this area? Would you recommend Multicam or A-TACS FG? or something else? I've hung our current ACU out in a wooded area, and it sticks out awful... Would you recommend different patterns for different times of the year?
07-25-2014, 11:15 PM,
RE: Best Camouflage Pattern?
Multicam is my favorite "all purpose" camo. the new kryptek ones are pretty effective also! Nothing really hides well in urban except black though.
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07-26-2014, 06:35 AM,
RE: Best Camouflage Pattern?
I agree with the Multicam. The A-TAC FG almost disappears in foliage that is green. But, in spring and fall, I have not tested it.

As to urban areas, I'd stay as far away as possible. I will check out the kryptek pattern. And in dense woods the German Aplenflage works surprisingly well. You wouldn't think so with the reddish brown, but it does.

Thoughts on winter? I was just thinking a white helmet cover, gloves, and a German white poncho (they are ok, except for the a little too much green).

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